Pokemon Go player continues tradition of catching ‘special’ mon in Master Ball

Pokemon Go player uses Master Ball to catch MagikarpNiantic

A Pokemon Go player caught Magikarp with their Master Ball to continue their longstanding tradition.

On May 22, Pokemon Go introduced the Master Ball to players who had completed the Let’s Go! Special Research Quest. The item guarantees a 100% success rate for any Pokemon the trainer chooses to catch.

If you have already finished the Let’s Go Special Research quest, simply login to Pokemon Go and claim the Master Ball. Trainers have until June 1, 2023, at 10 AM local time to collect the prestigious Pokeball.

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The ideal Pokemon to catch with a Master Ball are the Legendary Galarian birds – Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. However, one trainer ditched the idea in favor of keeping their Pokemon game tradition alive.

Pokemon Go trainer caught Magikarp with a Master Ball

Magikarp Sword & ShieldGame Freak
Shiny Magikarp is available for the new-year event.

Reddit user Rustyybucket posted their proud catching moment on the Pokemon Go subreddit. The OP revealed that they had caught Magikarp with a Master Ball in every single Pokemon game. “This is a more valuable use for it than the Galarian Birds,” Rustyybucket wrote.

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 In the comment section, fellow Pokemon fans were divided over the trainer’s decision to catch “Masterkarp.”

“The ball is marked M for Magikarp, duh,” fatedwanderer said.

“Welp, you can’t argue if he’s happy,” Scented_HandSoap remarked.

“Do people who use Master Balls on easy Pokemon just not care about the ones who are insanely hard to catch such as Galarian Birds?,” lavendermoontoast asked.

In response, Rustyybuckter claimed the “sentimental value of most Pokemon has been gone since Dexit.” “I already have the G.birds sitting in Pokemon Home gathering dust. Masterkarp has been something I’ve done in every game because I don’t like the easy win of an instant catch.”

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