Pokemon Go player finds Shiny Spinda Easter egg and it’s heartbreaking

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Players have discovered a heartbreaking Easter egg belonging to the Pokemon Go exclusive shiny Spinda, making it a highly sought-after creature.

It’s not often that Shiny Pokemon are locked behind specific entries in the franchise, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. In fact, Pokemon Go has several Shiny forms that can only be obtained via the mobile game.

These include Meltan & Melmetal, and Pokemon Go offers the only modern way to capture Shiny Jirachi, Mew, and Celebi. And there are several costumed Pokemon that are only available in Pokemon Go that can also appear Shiny.

This makes Pokemon Go a must-play for trainers who “gotta catch ’em all.” And players recently highlighted a heartbreaking Easter egg that can only be found on Pokemon Go’s exclusive Shiny Spinda.

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Shiny Spinda Easter egg leaves Pokemon Go trainers heartbroken

During the Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day Event, players can once again encounter Spinda with a special heart-shaped pattern on their bodies. This lovely form is only available in Pokemon Go.

However, Reddit user BrawlerBuddy posted an image of an Easter egg hidden on heart Spinda’s Shiny form. They pointed out the “cool design detail” with the caption: “Shiny heart Spinda has a broken heart, and the normal has a full heart.”

As stated, the images revealed that the Shiny version of heart Spinda has a crack in its green heart pattern.

Players in the comments gushed over the exclusive Shiny, stating how desperately they needed to add it to their collections. “I want this Pokemon more than I want air,” one user commented. Another stated, “I want this shiny so bad I’m foaming at the mouth.”

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For players who want to catch the broken heart Spinda, they have until February 14, 2023, to complete challenges and encounter the elusive green Spinda.