Pokemon Go player finally encounters Shiny Aerodactyl with worst possible timing

Chris Studley
Aerodactyl in Pokemon Go

One Pokemon Go player encountered a rare Aerodactyl in the wild, but didn’t have any Poke Balls on hand to catch it.

Encounters with Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go are rare. But, for those who are lucky enough to encounter a Shiny at any point of time, it’s important to make the most of the opportunity and try to catch it.

One Go trainer had the pleasure of finding a Shiny version of Aerodactyl out in the wild.

However, there was just one problem that made it very difficult to add Aerodactyl to that player’s collection.

Aerodactyl Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go trainer finds Aerodactyl at worst time

On Reddit, a player by the name of ‘ShimmerJimmer’ posted a screenshot of a wild Shiny Aerodactyl that they’d encountered in the wild.

However, there was one just problem: The trainer did not have any Poke Balls on hand to catch the Aerodactyl.

Several Pokemon Go players, in response, offered advice to what the trainer should do. One said on the situation: “Gotta quickly open a gift and hope for the best.”

A couple of other Pokemon players said that the trainer should activate a Daily Adventure Incense, as those who activate it with less than 30 cumulative balls will receive 30 Poke Balls upon activation.

A couple of other trainers also joked that the original poster should charge their device before it dies, as a low battery icon can be found on the top of the screenshot.

For those who are looking for an Aerodactyl themselves, the Pokemon Go Adventure Week 2023 event is officially underway. Trainers will have the chance to encounter Aerodactyl, as well as other Fossil Pokemon from the franchise in the special event. And in other news, Niantic announced the launch of the Pokemon Go City Safari event that will take place later this year.