Pokemon Go player debates illegally trespassing for a Legendary

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One Pokemon Go player revealed their predicament about whether they should trespass into a gated cemetery. In exchange for a felony, the trainer would have had the chance to encounter the Legendary Pokemon Azelf.

While Pokemon Go can encourage players to get out and exercise, users must be wary of their surroundings. Shortly after the 2016 release of the mobile game, homeowners filed lawsuits against Niantic due to frequent trespassers. However, the company ultimately did not accept liability.

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Unfortunately, sought-after Pokemon can appear in inaccessible areas. In this case, one Pokemon Go trainer noticed the Legendary Azelf beyond a gated cemetery, which could have caused their arrest if caught trespassing.

Pokemon Go player considered trespassing for Legendary

Pokemon Go Azelf Mesprit Uxie countersNiantic

On the Pokemon Go subreddit, Reddit user X37V posted their dilemma on whether to commit a felony for a Legendary. As seen in the image, the player noticed an Azelf beyond a gated cemetery nearby their house.

In the comments, X37V revealed they hadn’t trespassed for a chance to encounter Azelf. “This is, like, a massive cemetery/arboretum, with 20-foot high walls all around it,” the trainer wrote. “I wasn’t getting in regardless.”

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A fellow player reacted to the post by sharing their own story of Pokemon Go trespassing.

“I remember back when the game first came out, I got a $200 trespassing fine for walking in a park at 3 am to get a Lapras,” chopsthedrumer recollected.

Others asked why the location was a Pokestop if trainers couldn’t access it. One user encouraged X37V to report the Pokestop if players couldn’t reach it without committing a crime.

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“That would be A LOT of spawns then because any spawn on a public location with opening and closing hours would have to be deactivated during the place’s closing hours,” rokelle2012 remarked on whether the Pokestop should deactivate outside of regular hours. “That includes businesses and parks.”

To avoid getting in trouble with the law and any unexpected danger, players should exercise caution while playing Pokemon Go. This means paying attention to any incoming vehicles and not trespassing onto private property. When in doubt, don’t risk it!

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