Pokemon Go October Research Breakthrough reward: How good is Shedinja?

Paul Cot

Shedinja is the Pokemon Go October Research Breakthrough reward. It might not be a Legendary Pokemon of past months but let’s take a look at what the Shed Pokemon has to offer.

Shedinja is available now all the way through to Sunday, November 1. For those of you who are new to Pokemon Go, you can earn a Research Breakthrough by earning seven Field Research stamps.

As the name suggests, a stamp is earned upon completing a Field Research task. However, you can only earn one a day, so in order to get a Research Breakthrough reward it will take you at least seven days, assuming you haven’t earned any already.

Shedinja is weak though…

A lot of you will claim Shedinja is actually a very weak Pokemon, so it shouldn’t be a Research Breakthrough. In short, you’re right, it has the worst stamina in all of Pokemon Go.

However, it isn’t Shedinja we’re interested in, at least when it comes to battling. Shedinja evolves into Nincada and then into the much stronger Ninjask.

What about Ninjask then?

Despite having far better stats, which let’s be honest isn’t difficult, Ninjask still lacks when it comes to competitive action in Pokemon Go.

When it comes to GO Battle League, the Ninja Pokemon can only be considered for Great League. That is because its max CP of 1,969 immediately rules it out of the higher leagues.

Unfortunately it isn’t particularly viable at the 1,500 CP limit either. Its stats are attack heavy, leaving what is frankly a terrible defense and stamina stat.

Ninjask Pokemon GoNinjask isn’t suited to battling in Pokemon Go…

Anyone who has read our articles analyzing GO Battle League Pokemon before will know defense is very important. You can try Ninjask if you want but should you do so you will be facing an uphill battle.

Its dual bug and flying-typing does leave it in fantastic shape against fighting, grass and ground-types, though. The latter’s attacks only deal 24.4% damage.

So, if you can match up against these types you will have success. That is far easier said than done, however.

You should definitely catch a Shedinja while you can because it is a rare Pokemon in the mobile game. Just think twice about using it in a battle…