Pokemon Go players left frustrated as login issues plague Squirtle Community Day

Cassidy Stephenson
Pokemon Squirtle is sad about Pokemon Go issues

Pokemon Go players are experiencing login issues through Pokemon Trainer Club on Squirtle Community Day.

On July 9, 2023, Pokemon Go headlined Squirtle for its latest Community Day Classic from 2 PM until 5 PM local time. The event includes boosted spawns, and the exclusive Hydro Cannon move when evolving Squirtle into Blastoise.

Additionally, a Special Research story with Squirtle-related tasks will offer trainers helpful rewards like a Rocket Radar and a Lucky Egg. There’s also a chance to encounter a Sunglasses Squirtle.

While a Squirtle Community Day Classic seemed exciting on paper, it wouldn’t be a Niantic event without its technical problems. Currently, some trainers cannot log in to Pokemon Go through their Trainer Club account.

Pokemon Go login issue ruins some users’ Squirtle Community Day

Squirtle Community Day Classic

A Reddit user asked fellow Pokemon Go trainers if they had been experiencing log in issues on The Silph Road subreddit. The attached screenshot stated that The Pokemon Trainer Club is “currently unavailable.”

“It wouldn’t be an authentic Classic Community Day experience without the old PTC login issues,” one player wrote. “Quite the throwback to Pokémon Go in 2016-2018.” They also suggested users should link their accounts to Google, Facebook, or Apple.

“Breaking the game right before a major event that people were looking forward to? Sounds like a certified Niantic Moment™, folks,” another trainer remarked.

One player revealed that they couldn’t evolve a single Squirtle into a Blastoise an hour before the event ended for them. “I hope we at least get another window to get Hydro Cannon if this doesn’t get fixed by the time the event end,” they wished.

In the past, Niantic has compensated players for unexpected glitches during events. For example, the company granted Rare Candy XLs to those who didn’t unlock the reward due to the Mewtwo Shadow Raid bug.