Pokemon Go leak reveals upcoming Legendaries and Hisuian evolution

Pokemon Go leak teases new spritesNiantic

A Pokemon Go sprite leak indicates new Galarian and Hisuian species could be planned for debut in upcoming months, offering new challenges to players.

Pokemon Go has been steadily adding missing species to the in-game Pokedex since its release. Last year, players saw a large expansion with the Alola events, but since then, new debuts have trickled out just a few at a time. These have included Legendary, Mythical, and standard species from every generation.

Despite Sword & Shield being the major games for most of Pokemon Go’s lifespan, a good deal of the Galar Pokedex is still missing. Players won’t currently find the Galarian starters in the wild or the iconic Legendary species Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus in any raid battle events.

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However, a new leak indicates that Gen 8 may start steadily arriving in Pokemon Go, with leaked sprites showcasing both Galarian Legendaries and Hisuian evolutions.

Pokemon Go leak contains Regieleki, Regidrago, and Kleavor sprites

In a Twitter post by PokeMiners, the leaked account shares an image containing sprite assets for Regieleki, Regidrago, and Kleavor. The sprites also include Shiny variations.

Currently, there has been no information from Niantic referencing the Galarian Legendaries or the Hisuian evolution for upcoming events. However, with the Mythical Wishes event set to end in a few weeks, these new sprites could indicate what might be coming next for fans of the game.

It is possible that, like last spring, players will get another region-themed season to enjoy as the weather warms up. It could focus on the Galar region or even Hisui, adding the many missing Pokemon players have been hoping to finally see in Pokemon Go.

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While the leaks aren’t official, it definitely adds some exciting prospects for players to look forward to. Hopefully, more information surrounding these leaks will be available soon.