Pokemon Go glitch creates terrifying Valentine’s Day Pokemon

Scott Baird
Luvdisc in the Pokemon Trading Card Game

A Pokemon Go player accidentally created a four-armed heart monster for Valentine’s Day, thanks to a clipping glitch that occurs with the Buddy mechanic.

Pokemon Go is no stranger to glitches, with one of the most common involving Pokemon overlapping on the overworld. This is due to so many spawning at once, occasionally causing their 3D models to interact with each other in unintended ways.

This problem is exacerbated by Pokemon Go’s Buddy mechanic, which lets you feed treats to one of your Pokemon, allowing it to follow you on the overworld. The fact that your Buddy Pokemon can freely move around means that it has more potential to cause visual glitches.

Sometimes, some glitches happen at the perfect time, which helps cement them in fans’ minds. This has happened in Pokemon Go, where a monster was birthed that ties into the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Pokemon Go spawns Machamp x Lovedisc glitch fusion

A user on the Pokemon Go Reddit has shared an image of the terrible Pokemon fusion created by overlapping Buddy Pokemon. They merged a Luvdisc into a Machamp, forming a heart-shaped beast with four arms and a mean stare, which other fans think is awesome.

“Just in time for Valentine’s Day too,” one user wrote, while another said, “I’ve seen a few of these pretty funny screenshots but this is the first one that made me giggle aloud.”

The name for this Pokemon fusion was also a point of contention. “Luvchamp,” one fan suggested, while another chose “Hatedisc.” One user had an idea for If Luvdisc had been merged into another member of the line, “Too bad it’s not a Machoke… Luvchoke.”

Unfortunately, these fusions are only ever temporary, as the game will eventually adjust itself and disconnect the two overlapping 3D models. This is a shame, as the fusion between Machamp and Luvdisc only lives for a short period of time, before being torn apart.

Luvdisc is currently a popular Pokemon in Pokemon Go, so it’s unsurprising to see it appear in a fusion like this. It’s extra appropriate for the time of year, as we get to see what another heart-shaped Pokemon could look like.