Pokemon Go trainer devastated as their Pokemon not allowed in Fighting Cup

pokemon go fighting cupThe Pokemon Company

After preparing Gallade for the Fighting Cup in Pokemon Go, one trainer learned their favorite character couldn’t participate in the event.

The Fighting Cup recently returned to the title with the Great League Edition Remix. It kicked off on Thursday, December 8, and will conclude on Thursday, December 15.

Players who join in on the fun will want to pay close attention to the rules, given that this marks a remixed version of the previous Fighting Cup.

Unlike last time, not every Fighting-type pocket monster can participate in the Great League Edition Remix. And it would seem that some Pokemon Go trainers have learned as much the hard way.

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Pokemon Go trainer upset Gallade can’t compete in Fighting Cup

In a recent Reddit post, ulrich994 lamented the time they spent training Gallade for the Fighting Cup, only to discover the Pokemon can’t compete.

The Redditor shared a screenshot of the character’s rejection, pictured in the post linked below:

Fortunately, the player didn’t “go broke” to prepare Gallade for the event. However, they would’ve done well to read over the event’s restrictions.

Pokemon can’t exceed 1,500 CP when participating in Pokemon Go’s latest Fighting Cup. The Gallade above has that bit covered, but it’s also a Psychic-type pocket monster. Notably, Psychic-types were forced to sit on the sidelines this time around.

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Several Reddit users pointed out these restrictions in the thread. Still, many agreed developer Niantic should add “restriction filters in the search bar,” a tool that would prevent trainers from making this mistake.

For now, players must be more diligent about which creatures they prepare ahead of these events.