Pokemon Go discounts Remote Raid passes – but there’s a catch

Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon GoNiantic / The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go has just discounted Remote Raid passes in the shop for the first time since the increase in April 2023, but there’s a catch.

Back in April 2023, Pokemon Go developers Niantic introduced a price increase for Remote Raid passes in the game.

The increase quickly prompted a boycott of the game, with trainers going as far as deleting it from their devices.

With the start of the Hidden Gems season, Pokemon Go has discounted the price of Remote Raid passes again, but there’s a catch when it comes to taking advantage of the deal.

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Pokemon Go discounts Remote Raid passes for first time since nerf

With the launch of Hidden Gems, Pokemon Go devs introduced a few new items into the games shop and one of them offers a discount on Remote Raid passes.

Called the Remote Raid box, the new addition offers three Premium Raid passes, three Remote Raid passes, and one Poffin to feed your buddy with.

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With an overall value of 875 coins, the box is available for just 650 coins. We did the math, and this box brings Remote Raid passes down from 195 coins to just 100.

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Pokemon Go Remote Raid BoxNiantic

Premium Raid passes are sitting at the regular price of 100 per, and the added Poffin is a great deal at 50% off to round out the 650 coin box price.

Sure, you can save a little bit of money by purchasing the passes in the three-pack bundle, but the box still gives users a hefty discount.

This all comes just in time for the Water Festival: Beach Week event to launch on June 6, which brings regional Legendaries Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf into five-star raids — meaning users will need Remote Passes in order to catch all three.

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