Pokemon Go raid participations reportedly sees massive drop following Remote Raid nerf

Philip Trahan
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A Pokemon Go raid analytic site has released back-end stats that paint a pretty sour picture of the community’s interest in raiding following Remote Raid pass nerfs.

As Pokemon Go fans are no doubt well aware by now, Niantic made the controversial decision to heavily nerf Remote Raid Passes on March 30, 2023.

The decision officially went into effect on April 6, 2023, and many fans wondered if the game would see any noticeable impact amidst threats of boycott for Raiding altogether.

Now, it seems both the game and community are already experiencing the fallout of the monumental decision, according to the backend statistics of a popular raid simulator and ranking fan website.

Pokemon Go raid participation seeing massive drop

The information comes from Pokebattler.com’s Twitter account, which asked the community if there would be interest in seeing statistics for website and app traffic following the Remote Raid Pass nerfs on April 6.

A day later, the Twitter account posted images showing the backend analytics, and said, “I will let you all discuss what it means. I’m too upset to put into words. Watching the app you’ve been excited to build finally take off and then crash hard is devastating.”

As fans would assume, the statistics aren’t positive. In fact, from April 6 to April 28, user traffic for the website and app went down a staggering 54.75 percent. Before the Raid Pass changes in March, the site apparently averaged around 200,000 visitors a month, spiking for a total of nearly 800,000 during big raid events.

However, following the changes made in early April, the website garnered a fraction of that engagement. The Twitter account noted that, “My Pokebattler motivation is at an all-time low. Hopefully usage comes back when popular raids return. We will see.”

The community shared their condolences for to the site following the shocking statistics, with many also sharing why they’ve lost interest in raiding as of late. “I really wanted to thank you for this app. It helped me alot to do my raids. It’s so simple and I am so sad that it turned out this way… I didnt do a single raid since the changes.”

Of course, this is only one source of information from a fan website unaffiliated with Niantic, so trainers should take that information into account. Still, it’s difficult not to see this evidence and fear the worst for the Pokemon Go raiding community in the coming months.

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