Pokemon Go fans reveal easiest way to complete “least favorite” Medal

Scott Baird
Giovanni and Shadow Regice in Pokemon GONiantic

Pokemon Go players are revealing the best time to complete their least favorite Medal in the game, as two annoying tasks can be done in tandem.

Pokemon Go uses Medals as a form of an in-game achievement system. While some just exist for bragging rights, many will give you a tangible reward, such as extra clothing or an increased chance of catching certain types of Pokemon.

Some of the Medals in Pokemon Go will be acquired naturally as you play the game, with rewards for collecting Pokemon of a certain type or belonging to a specific region. Many of the in-game tasks will also unlock Medals, such as walking while the game is active or defeating lots of Team Rocket grunts.

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There are some Medals in Pokemon Go that are incredibly time-consuming to unlock, such as walking 10,000 km, hatching 2500 Pokemon Eggs, and spinning 2000 unique PokeStops. These are all annoying, but one Medal stands out for being more frustrating than the rest.

Shadow Mewtwo in Pokemon GoNiantic

Pokemon Go players reveal best time to go for the Purifier medal

A user on the Pokemon Go Reddit has announced that they’ve completed “everyone’s least favorite medal“, which is called Purifier. In order to unlock the final rank, players need to purify 1000 Shadow Pokemon over the course of the game, which is a huge task.

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As pointed out by commentators in the thread, there is an ideal time to complete this Medal, as players should wait until they hit a specific level before attempting to take on the Purifier challenge.

“I got this Platinum WAY to early,” one user writes, “Should have waited till level 44 which requires you to purify a lot of Shadow Pokemon.”

This is because players need to purify 100 Shadow Pokemon to reach level 45. It’s best to capture and store as many Shadow Pokemon as you can during the early stages of the game and only purify them if you want to use them in battle.

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Once players have saved up enough Shadow Pokemon to complete the level 45 task, they should do them en-masse, which will not only help them level up, but will take care of a chunk of the Purifier Medal’s final challenge.

Getting the Purifier Medal’s highest rank is a pain, even for dedicated Pokemon Go players, but players who plan ahead can save themselves a lot of hassle in the long run, by storing as many Shadow Pokemon as possible in the box and wait for just the right time to purify them.

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