Pokemon Go trainer celebrates medal after catching insane amount of Pikachu

Chris Studley
shiny pikachu knocked out

One Pokemon Go player celebrated a Platinum Medal, one that only be obtained by catching a lot of Pikachus.

Platinum Medals in Pokemon Go are not meant to be simple. These Medals require a lot of time and effort, and the Platinum Pikachu Fan Medal is no exception.

In order to obtain this Medal, a Go player must catch hundreds of Pikachu in order to receive the highest rank.

One Go player recently completed this goal and celebrated the milestone.

Pokemon go pikachu bug

Pokemon Go player celebrates completion of Platinum medal

On Reddit, one Pokemon Go player celebrated a difficult accomplishment in the mobile game. A user by the name of ‘Puzzleheaded-Bad1571’ showcased a screenshot that displayed the coveted Platinum Pikachu Fan medal.

This medal requires players to catch 1,000 Pikachu, a celebrated Pokemon and the partner of Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon anime series.

Several players congratulated the Go player. One stated, “I long for the day, congratulations!” Another teased the individual: “Yeah, till they release Diamond Tier and have you catch 2,500 Pikachus.”

Generally, Platinum Medals that require Pokemon caught, evolved, or traded can be quite difficult to obtain, thanks to the requirements needed. One such example is the Platinum Kanto Medal, which requires all Pokemon from the Kanto region and can take an extensive period of time due to regional restrictions.

The good news for those who want the Platinum Pikachu Fan Medal is that Niantic frequently releases special versions of Pikachu. For example, the 7th Anniversary Party Event gave Go players the opportunity to obtain a Pikachu with a cake hat in select Raids.

An interesting note on the accomplishment is that only caught a handful of Shiny Pikachu along the away. After the original poster received a question from a Go player in the comments, Puzzlehead claimed that only “three or four” of the 1,000 turned out to be a Shiny.

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