New Pokemon Go update reportedly causes players to lose items

Em Stonham
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The latest update has Pokemon Go players up in arms, mainly due to their avatars being changed. But some players are reporting issues with items, too.

The Pokemon Go community is always great at vocalizing when they’re frustrated with a change that’s been made to the game, and the latest update that’s been rolled out by Niantic has people feeling irritated.

If you missed it, the avatars have been changed in the game to have a new art style and a good portion of players are not pleased with it in the slightest. That’s not the only issue that seems to be cropping up with this update, though – some players are reporting issues with their items.

More specifically, some players are taking to social media to share that their items are either missing or in the wrong location. Some players are even reporting that they’re having to pay for items they already own again, like the people in this Reddit post.

Plenty of players are frustrated with these new changes, with one saying “Niantic owes us coins” and sharing that they couldn’t find some of their favorite items anymore. Meanwhile, others chimed in with their own stories, with one irritated player saying that all of their saved outfits seemed to have vanished, too.

One of the best things about being part of an online gaming community is being able to show off your rare items or express your personal style with in-game cosmetics. Losing track of these can be a real blow, especially if it’s a game you’ve been playing for years.

Some items are even tied to in-game achievements, so being unable to find these or being unhappy with how they look can feel irritating as a player.

Alongside the complaints of being unable to find items or allegedly having to spend more coins in order to get their favorite items back, players shared concerns about the overall avatar changes.

If you’ve been in online Pokemon Go communities lately, you’ll know that lots of people are livid about the recent avatar updates. The art style has changed and the general builds of the characters are strikingly different, too.

While Niantic has been rolling out some solid quality of life updates in recent months, it’s safe to say that this avatar and aesthetics update has not hit the mark with the community. There have been no further updates or announcements regarding this yet, but it’s possible we could see this down the line.

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