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Pokemon Go Community Day December | Starting Time and Details

Published: 21/Nov/2018 6:03 Updated: 30/Nov/2018 5:13

by Paul Cot


The Pokemon Go Community Day for December starts today! This is your chance to catch up on missed Pokemon from previous community days. Here are all the details including date, time and the Pokemon available – it’s a big one!

Pokemon Go Community Day December Event

Update 30/11: The massive December Community Day starts later today. All the Pokemon from all the community days in 2018 will be available. They will also come with their special moves, which are listed below.


Putting the community day over a weekend as opposed to the usual day is an interesting tactic. On one hand it does allow Pokemon trainers to catch up on the action from earlier in the year. However, it does lose the Pokemon Go community day feel. Feedback suggests Pokemon fans are more than happy with the end of year surprise though!

Update 21/11: The below prediction was almost right! The official Pokemon Go Twitter account confirmed that Pokemon from all of this year’s community days will appear in the wild again. As eluded to above, these Pokemon will be available for the entire weekend!


On top of this all the featured moves from the previous community days will also be available! Furthermore, there will be special bonuses available for a three hour allotted time slot in each region.

This special end of year celebration gives trainers the opportunity to go back and find missed Pokemon from previous community days. It also gives the chance of finding those elusive shiny Pokemon. That’s right Charmander, we all want a shiny Charizard.

Community Day Wild Pokemon


The list of Pokemon available for this huge Community Day (or weekend) is substantial. These Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild. Here is the list of featured Pokemon along with their special community day moves.

  • Bulbasaur – Frenzy Plant
  • Charmander – Blast Burn
  • Squirtle – Hydro Cannon
  • Pikachu – Surf
  • Eevee – Last Resort
  • Dratini – Draco Meteor
  • Chikorita – Frenzy Plant
  • Cyndaquil – Blast Burn
  • Mareep – Dragon Pulse
  • Larvitar – Smack Down
  • Bledum – Meteor Mash

These special moves will be available when these Pokemon are evolved into their final forms. The exception to this is Pikachu who will already know the surf attack.

The delayed announcement has resulted in some Pokemon trainers predicting a rather big event for the December Community Day.


This big event would be the previous 11 Community Days being repeated over 11 days in December. There are issues with this however as these 11 consecutive days would exclude some Pokemon Go players.

Pokemon Go Community Day December Date

Usually Pokemon Go Community Day’s are announced just a few days after the previous one ended. The November Community Day finished on November 10.


It has been long overdue but we now know the date of the next Pokemon Go Community Day which is November 30 to December 2. Moreover, the event will last the duration of the three days!

Pokemon Go Community Day December Time

The December Community Day will run from November 30, 1pm PST to December 2, 11pm PST. The times and dates for the special bonus in each region are as follows:

  • Europe, Middle East, Africa and India regions will run from December 1, 10am UTC to 1pm UTC
  • The Americas and Greenland will run from December 1, 11am PST to 2pm PST
  • The Asia-Pacific region will run from December 2, 12pm JST to 3pm JST

The bonuses include double catch XP, double catch stardust and double incubator effectiveness!

Pokemon Go News

We will update this page as and when announcements are made about the latest Pokemon Go Community Day. In the meantime follow our Pokemon Twitter page for more information.


Pokemon Go Autumn event – Start time, new Gen 5 Pokemon, bonuses, more

Published: 8/Oct/2020 1:57 Updated: 8/Oct/2020 1:59

by Paul Cot


To celebrate the change of season, Niantic is hosting an autumn-themed Pokemon Go event. A new Gen 5 Pokemon will be introduced as well as other bonuses.

The 2020 Pokemon Go autumn event starts on Friday, October 9, 8 am PDT and finishes on Monday, October 12, 1 pm PDT. That’s an 11 am EDT start for those on the east coast of the US and 4 pm BST for those residing in the UK.


To the surprise of nobody, the event will feature various fall-themed Pokemon. These ‘mons can be found in the wild and in eggs when you hatch them.

Double effective Berries

Elsewhere, autumn is the time harvest and that seemingly applies to Pokemon Go, too. As a result, Berries can be found more often when spinning PokeStops. There will also be berry-themed Field and Timed Research.


During the event, all Berries will be twice as effective when giving them to your Buddy Pokemon as treats. Perhaps more excitingly, however, is that Pinap Berries will also become doubly as effective.

This means that instead of just double Candy when capturing a Pokemon, you’ll actually get four times the amount! Other Berries such as the Razz variety won’t be doubly as effective, though.

Autumn-themed Pokemon

Meanwhile, the following Pokemon will be appearing more frequently in the wild:

  • Oddish
  • Vulpix
  • Bayleef
  • Hoothoot
  • Sudowoodo
  • Yanma
  • Pineco
  • Zigzagoon
  • Seedot
  • Shroomish
  • Plant Cloak Burmy
  • Foongus

Others will be appearing in 5km eggs but those Pokemon weren’t released in the Pokemon Go blog post.

Additionally, Shiny Vulpix will be spawning more often. The ever-popular Fox Pokemon has already had its Shiny form released previously but few trainers will want to miss out on the chance to get another or even their first!

Deerling Pokemon Go
Deerling changes color depending on what seasonal form it is…


As is very apt for the change of season, Deerling will be introduced to the world of Pokemon Go for the first time. The Season Pokemon has four forms – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter – so expect to come across its autumn variant.


It evolves into Sawsbuck, which has the same four forms, also. Deerling needs 50 Candy to evolve, so if you want to get Sawsbuck during the event you’ll need to catch as many Deerling as possible. When using a Pinap Berry though, you’ll only need to catch five of them!

There’s plenty to look forward to in Pokemon Go during October. Charmander is coming to a Community Day a second time with the exclusive move Dragon Breath and there is even a surprise Raid Boss to look forward to at the end of the month.