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Pokemon Go Christmas 2018 events | Dates, time and details

Published: 17/Dec/2018 5:12 Updated: 19/Dec/2018 3:37

by Paul Cot


Trainer Battles, special raids and now special Pokemon Go events over the Christmas holidays! Niantic are keeping Pokemon Go players busy!

Pokemon Go December Events

There are an array of Pokemon Go events throughout the second half of December. These range from new Pokemon, some appearing more frequently and free gifts. These run from December 18 to January 2 and are broken down below.

  • Ice type Pokemon to appear more frequently: Jynx, Sneasel, Swinub, Snorunt, Spheal and Snover
  • Smoochum, Azurill and Munchlax will hatch from 7km eggs more frequently
  • Single-use incubator for free when spinning the photo disc at a PokeStop
  • Pikachu (with a festive hat) is available

Interestingly, Snover and Munchlax are generation 4 Pokemon.

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Furthermore, there are various bonuses which will run for four day periods from December 18.

December 18 to December 22 Double candy for catching and transferring Pokemon
December 22 to December 26 Power up your Pokemon with greater ease: double Catch Stardust
December 26 to December 30 Double XP!
December 30 to January 2 Incubators will be twice as effective

Heatran in Pokemon Go!

Another surprise is coming to Pokemon Go for the special winter events. Heatran, the legendary fire and steel type Pokemon, will be available in raid battles.


The legendary gen 4 Pokemon will be available from December 18, 13:00 PST to January 15, 13:00 PST.

Heatran is coming to Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go News

Niantic have been increasing the Pokemon Go events as of late. In addition to this they have just released the hugely popular Trainer Battles PvP feature. This, along with the continued popularity of Pokemon Go has resulted in Niantic being valued at $4 billion.

They are riding this momentum with an increased schedule of events. This is evidenced by the recent special Lugia and Ho-oh raid and now, these Christmas holiday bonus events.

Understandably, Pokemon Go is played slightly less during the winter months. This holiday event will likely incentivise the player base to play more!


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