Pokemon Go Battle Mode glitch helped trainer win 90 battles in a row

Philip Trahan
pokemon go trainer stardust header

A strange Pokemon Go glitch helped one trainer win a staggering 90 battles in a row which resulted in a mountain of Stardust.

While many Pokemon Go fans mainly play the game to catch a variety of different creatures, some fans enjoy building strong Pokemon to battle against one another.

In fact, battling in the Battle League is an excellent way to earn some great rewards, as trainers can earn things like Stardust, Rare Candies, and wild Pokemon encounters.

Now, one trainer saw this firsthand thanks to a strange glitch that caused them to mistakenly win 90 battles and earn thousands of Stardust.

Pokemon Go Battle League glitch results in huge payoff

A user by the name of Soulnumber96437 made a post on the Pokemon Go subreddit to document the glitch. According to them, their Battle League session froze and when they were able to open the game “an hour later” they’d ended up winning 90 trainer battles.

To prove the glitch actually occurred, they posted a screenshot of their rewards page which showed nearly 10,000 Stardust waiting to be claimed for their victories.

Many trainers in the comments urged them to claim the mountain of Stardust waiting for them before Niantic somehow found out about the bug. “Take it before it’s patched,” urged one player, while another said, “Dont be shy, just hit the claim reward! button(s)!”

Others asked the OP to document exactly what happened in the comments so that other trainers could recreate the glitch in their own games. However, it seems this bug may not have been a one-time occurrence if others in the comments are to be believed.

“This happened to me last season. Game froze, I kept tapping the ‘you win’ button but nothing happened. I force quit the app and when I came back had won like 30.”

The OP did confirm that they collected the Stardust after all but was still unsure what exactly caused the glitch to begin with, and guessed it may have been due to “patchy wifi” at the time. While it’s unclear if others can actually replicate this glitch, one trainer definitely ended up getting very lucky.