Pokemon Go glitch gives Psyduck a ‘glow up’ with best hair ever

Laura Gray
Pokemon Go Psyduck Hair

A Pokemon Go player has encountered a particularly hilarious glitch that gives Psyduck luxurious locks, and the fan has included a incredible fanart to show it off.

Pokemon Go fans have run into a slew of different glitches while playing the mobile game over the past several years. From bizarre Galarian Moltres hybrids to glitchy updates on the iconic Team Leaders, there is no shortage of hilarious moments to share with other fans via social media.

Some of the best glitches come from Pokemon spawning on the GPS map. Players can encounter species that have had their colors swapped, or even bump into strange combinations of several Pokemon. These hybrids are usually sorted out by restarting the app, but are an interesting surprise to bump into.

One of the most recent visual glitches features an unsuspecting Psyduck – whose borrowed hairstyle inspired the player to draw fanart to celebrate the look.

Pokemon Go player finds a Psyduck with Misdreavus hair

In a Twitter post by David4HD, the player shares an image of a Psyduck on their Pokemon Go GPS map. The Water-type has traded its three black hairs for a majestic mane normally seen on Misdreavus in an epic glow-up.

Directly under the screencap, the player has included a drawing of their Pokemon Go trainer facing the Psyduck, who is rocking the Misdreavus hairdo, ready to tackle anything that comes its way.

Fans in the comments are delighted by the hilarious glitch and fanart interpretation, with one stating “That is gosh darn AMAZING!” and another adding “Can’t believe they turned Psyduck into a Yugioh protagonist”.

While the glitch was likely caused by Psyduck and Misdreavus spawning close together, the resulting mash-up could be an inspiration for a new form of Psyduck. With so many different forms of Meowth, it seems only fair a Psyduck regional variant with amazing hair could be possible sometime in the future.

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