Pokemon Go player shares absurd rewards for Tanking in Battle League

Philip Trahan
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As Pokemon Go’s Rising Heroes season begins, one player shared the insane rewards they earned through Tanking in Battle League last season.

For many Pokemon Go players, gathering resources is one of the primary focuses of the game, aside from building a collection of Pokemon.

For those who like competitive battling, one of the best ways to get materials in Pokemon Go is through each season’s Battle League.

It is possible, however, to game the system and get more rewards for intentionally losing throughout the Battle League, as one fan showed off to the rest of the Pokemon Go community.

Pokemon Go fan shows off rewards from Tanking

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit titled “My results from Tanking this season,” showed just how many rewards players can earn if they play through the Battle League in a specific way.

For those who may not know, Tanking is a Pokemon Go practice that has been around for years and revolves around players intentionally losing Battle League matches to manipulate their ranking.

In particular, some great rewards are usually locked behind the task to win four out of five matches in the Battle League. Naturally, this is much harder to do when playing against very good players.

As the OP mentioned in the replies, some players opt to lose all five sets in the first three days in order to get much easier opponents on day four. From here, players rinse and repeat to get an abundance of good rewards, with this trainer earning over 3 million Stardust, 738 Rare Candies, and 246 encounters.

Many were naturally split on the concept of intentionally lowering one’s Battle League Rank to game the system. “It’s so tempting but this just isn’t fair to the lower-ranking players who try hard to climb only to encounter a legend hiding behind a rank 2 badge.”

Other players countered this argument and said, “That ‘legend’ is actively trying to lose at least half their matches, so the lower-ranked player will be gifted as many wins as blown away losses.”

At the same time, many also agreed that it’s the best way to get a ton of great resources in Pokemon Go. As Tanking has been happening in the community since the Battle League’s introduction, it seems to be a practice that’s here for good.

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