Pokemon Go glitch gives player 85 free wins in Go Battle League

pokemon anime trainer holding trophy go logo headerNiantic / The Pokemon Company

One lucky Pokemon Go player was accidentally gifted 85 free wins against another trainer in the Battle League, thanks to a glitch.

There are plenty of ways to play Pokemon Go, whether it be collecting Shiny Pokemon, completing the Pokedex, or taking on Gyms.

Still, some trainers find value in building up the strongest Pokemon possible and battling other players in the game’s PvP mode, Battle League.

Like any good PvP mode, climbing the ranks can actually be quite challenging in Pokemon. That wasn’t the case for one trainer, though, as there were accidentally given 85 free wins against the same trainer thanks to a glitch.

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Pokemon Go glitch gifts trainer Battle League wins

A post on TheSilphRoad subreddit, which highlights discoveries, research, and glitches in the Pokemon Go community, brought the strange bug to the communities attention.

The OP titled the post as “GBL just lagged out and gave me 85 free wins toward my GBL times research,” and showed an image of the Journal that had repeated instances of a battle won at the exact same date and time against a player named “JuanCho2789.”

They explained that their match froze and lagged them out, followed by notifications for Great Battle League wins flooding the app.

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Immediately, members of the community wondered what had happened on the other end of the glitch. “Would JuanCho2789 have 85 losses,” asked one concerned fan, to which another replied, “Well, the next 80 matches will be very easy wins for him then.”

Others simply joked about the poor trainer’s account, as replies like “JuanCho in shambles” and “JuanCho definitely took one for the team. RIP to this legend” filled the thread.

While the OP confirmed the glitch didn’t affect their ELO rating, they received a Battle Medal for the wins.

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