Android Pokemon Go players will pay more because of Apple

Pokémon Go appleNiantic

Because of Apple’s recent price hike across specific territories, even Pokemon Go players on Android have to contend with higher costs for in-app purchases.

In September, Apple announced plans to increase App Store prices in all regions that use Euro currency.

Affected territories also include all of the following countries – Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, and Vietnam.

The change goes into effect today, October 5, and sees items previously priced at €0.99 now going for €1.19. Meanwhile, App Store items that once ran €9.99 will run customers €11.99.

Apple users aren’t the only customers impacted by this decision, however.

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Apple’s price hike affects Pokemon Go users on all mobile devices

In a post on its website, Niantic Labs revealed that “changes in App Store price tiers” have caused the company to increase in-game currency prices for Pokémon GO, Ingress, and Pikmin Bloom.

The price bump starts October 5 and will affect all aforementioned territories. In addition to impacting iPhone users, the currency changes also apply to customers on Android devices.

“While we will not be taking any immediate action in response to this change, we’ll be monitoring its impact and discussing how to navigate changing conditions globally,” Niantic noted at the end of its message.

Pokemon Go appleNiantic
Apple’s price hike reaches Pokemon Go’s Android players, too.

Understandably, Pokemon Go users are displeased by this news. One Twitter user thinks Niantic should “make it easier to get coins to compensate” for the increase in in-app purchases.

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Players on TheSliphRoad subreddit can’t help but wonder why Niantic is raising its prices across both mobile platforms. Jury’s out on whether such questions will ever receive an honest answer.