Pokemon fans debate Liko’s future as Horizons: The Series continues

Chris Studley
Liko and Sprigatito from Pokemon Horizons: The Series

Horizons viewers are asking if Liko will be able to become same level of Pokemon trainer that Ash Ketchum was in the anime?

The plot begins to thicken in Pokemon Horizons: The Series as the ninth episode is set to air on June 2 in Japan. But as fans of the anime begin to get more familiar with protagonists Liko and Roy, a debate surrounding one of the trainers has commenced on social media.

The two trainers have large shoes to fill, given that they’re following the iconic Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu, who proved to be formidable in the battle circuit.

But can Liko become just as strong as Ash? Pokemon fans have started to debate her future as a trainer.

Fans wonder if Liko become an elite trainer in Pokemon Horizons

On a post on the Pokemon anime subreddit, user IceThePokemonTrainer posed an interesting question to the community: will Liko — a quiet student who started out the series strengthening a bond with her Sprigatito and attempting to figure out the mystery of her pendant — be a “battling-focused” trainer in the future of Horizons?

IceThePokemonTrainer noted that Liko’s become more interested in battling since the beginning of the series. Now, she’s looking to become stronger, all while attempting to protect others around her.

One commentor believes that ultimately, Liko will take the more traditional route of a protagonist and challenge gyms, something she’s yet to do at this point.

Another user believes that it’s tough to tell since Liko hasn’t made it clear what her goals are for the future. However, she has shown a penchant for battling.

That much has been made clear early on in Pokemon Horizons. Liko and Roy sparred twice earlier in the series, with Liko and her Sprigatito winning the second match after their first ended in a draw.

It’s a curious question, given Liko’s inexperience as a student and quiet personality. However, she’s been able to hold her own thus far. While we may now know who Liko’s father is, the lively debate about Liko’s future is an indication that there’s still much to learn about her.

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