Pokemon fans have reworked Geeta’s team and it’s just perfect

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Pokemon League Champion Chairwoman GeetaThe Pokemon Company, Game Freak

One Pokemon fan has created a more challenging and improved version of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Top Champion Geeta’s team.

After acquiring eight Gym Badges, players travel through Victory Road to face the Elite Four. In the final test of Pokemon skill, trainers then battle the region’s Champion after beating the Elite Four. During this section, players cannot leave to heal their party and must use items to recover health.

In the history of mainline Pokemon games, some Champion fights have been more difficult than others. While Cynthia and Steven proved formidable opponents, some players considered the battle against Geeta – Scarlet & Violet’s Champion – lackluster.

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What would have made Geeta’s Pokemon team better?

Closeup of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's GeetaGameFreak

On the Pokemon subreddit, Reddit user Great-Balls posted his detailed team composition featuring Geeta’s new party members. In addition to the updated party members, the fan gave the Pokemon items, preferred abilities, and movesets.

Furthermore, Great-Balls elaborated on Geeta’s ideal strategy. Like before, the Champion would use Glimmora as her ace but would come out immediately and use Stealth Rock. Then, Geeta would bring out Palafin and use Flip Turn. After taking out Rabsca, the Pokemon would revive Glimmora with Revival Blessing to be Terastallized.

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“Now that’s a team I’d have liked to see as the final match,” magicdunsparce wrote. “A battle that shows you the importance of switching Pokemon and field control with Stealth Rock and Toxic Debris.”

Mudzors praised the fan’s choice of Pokemon. “Honestly, it just feels better simply because she’s using only Paldean Pokemon, it’s not like champions can’t use any other Pokemon that doesn’t belong to their debut gen, but when compared to the others given to her, it’s just better.”

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On the contrary, brooksofmaun opposed the idea, considering it to be the “most cracked team to ever exist.” “And you want it as the base fight, not an optional rematch, in a kids game?,” the user asked.

While Geeta is one of the easier Champion battles in the Pokemon franchise, she can still be tough for new players. Therefore, those stuck should check out our guide on how to beat the Champion of Paldea.