Pokemon Diamond & Pearl player goes viral after hilarious trading fail

Brent Koepp
Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Dawn next to Sword & Shield Haunter trade screen

A Pokemon player went viral after getting baited by an NPC from Diamond & Pearl. The infamously devious character duped the fan with one of oldest tricks in the series’ book.

Despite releasing over a decade ago, Pokemon fans have been going back and revisiting Gen IV in preparation for the Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl remakes coming to the Nintendo Switch in late 2021.

However, one Trainer’s experience in the Sinnoh region quickly turned sour after they were tricked by a nefarious NPC. The player quit their game after being taught a lesson most of the community suffered back in 2006.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Mindy Haunter Trade
A new Diamond & Pearl player got tricked by a classic NPC.

Pokemon Diamond & Player rage quits over evil NPC

When many Pokemon fans hear the name Mindy, it sends shivers down their spine. The NPC is notorious for swindling Diamond & Pearl players with a trade that is just downright evil. The devious character is first met in Snowpoint City where she trades a Haunter for a Medicham.

Trainers are then blindsided when she reveals that she purposely equipped the Haunter with an Everstone to prevent it from evolving into Gengar. While many fell for the trick 15 years ago, a player revisiting the game ragequit after wasting hours due to the character’s antics.

Pokemon player ‘N_E_ON’ went viral on the r/Pokemon forum after explaining their ordeal. “Wasted 6 hours of my life. I basically battled every trainer from twinleaf city to snowpoint city,” they explained.

“After evolving the Meditite, I go to the lady’s house looking forward to use a Gengar finally. I do the trade and after hearing she made it hold a f**king everstone, I basically deleted the game. Never have I had the urge to kill a NPC before till now.”

Pokemon fans immediately knew who the player was talking about, and empathized with their situation. “I saw ‘Mindy’ and knew exactly what this post was gonna be LMAOOO,”a user said in reaction. Another exclaimed, “Seriously it’s always interesting seeing people run into the devil herself for the first time.”

One fan pointed out, “I saw Snowpoint. Its almost funny that this city is less known for being next to Regigigas and more for Mindy.”

Pokemon players trash NPC Mindy

The mischievous Sinnoh NPC is so renowned for her evil trade that there is a forum entirely dedicated to her called r/F**kMindy with over 13k active users. Below, we have embedded a video so players revisiting the title can avoid what is arguably the series’ largest con.

It’s hilarious to think that over 15 years later, Pokemon fans are still being haunted by Mindy from Gen IV. It will be interesting to see if ILCA will include the character in the Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl remakes coming out in late 2021.

Should the nefarious trader make her return in the Nintendo Switch title, she will have a new generation of fans to trick. If nothing else though, she’s become as iconic as Team Rocket which is impressive in itself.