Pokemon Go’s Sinnoh Stone has a “mind-blowing” secret

Nathan Ellingsworth
the Pokemon Go Sinnoh Stone is visible against a blurred background

Several Pokemon Go players have been left in disbelief, as a fun Easter Egg dating back to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, has been staring fans in the face for years.

Did you ever realize that Pokemon Go’s Sinnoh Stone was actually just a diamond and pearl fused together? No, us neither, and thankfully neither did hundreds of other people online because otherwise, we may have felt a bit silly.

A Pokemon fan by the name of u/Hawkster69 has shared a Reddit post with the discovery, alongside the text, “Bro i just noticed the sinnoh stone is literally a diamond and a pearl, as in the sinnoh games”. Hands up if you’re only just realizing this as well.

Plenty of other Pokemon fans are just as amazed by the Easter Egg, though of course, there are plenty who knew from the beginning. Fans are having a lot of fun in the comments, with a whole mixture of opinions.

Some share the discovery, as one says, “Whoa, I never noticed that!” While another post adds, “This whole time I thought it was just a badminton birdie”.

One person says, “Mind… blown…” Then, a separate person joins in, saying, “Holy crap I thought it was a badminton ball! Thanks!” Apparently, a lot of people thought this was a badminton reference.

Now some people are acting smug, as they clearly knew it all along, with one comment adding, “AND THE UNOVA STONE IS BLACK AND WHITE”. Still, in a series with so many Pokemon and so many features, it’s pretty easy to miss some small details like this one.

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