Infamous Gen 4 Pokemon trader labeled as “most hated game character”

Scott Baird
Haunter following Ash, Pikachu, and Charmander in the Pokemon anime

A character from Pokemon Diamond & Pearl has drawn considerable ire from video game fans worldwide thanks to a particularly annoying trade she made.

The mainline Pokemon titles offer players in-game trades to acquire rare Pokemon from NPCs. In the older games, this is the only way you could acquire certain Pokemon, like Farfetch’d in Pokemon Red & Blue.

One NPC who offered an in-game trade in the Gen 4 games still draws angry responses from fans, as she’s one of the most cited entries in a post on the Gaming Reddit, where people are asked to name their “most hated video game characters”.

“I’m not sure which Pokemon game they are in but there is an NPC named Mindy I believe that is willing to trade you a Haunter for a different Pokemon,” one user explained, “This sounds like a great deal because trading Haunter is how you evolve it into Gengar, allowing you to get Gengar in a single player game.”

“However Mindy has the Haunter holding an Everstone so after the trade it doesn’t evolve.”

“She even says that the Pokemon only evolves when it’s traded and taunts you when it doesn’t,” one angry player said, while another wrote, “I must not have played this entry, but this comment made me so mad!”

“Damn, even NPCs are doing trade scams lmao,” a player joked, while another summed things up with “This triggered some deeply buried psychological trauma… f–k Mindy.”

This small act of pettiness has put Mindy from Sinnoh in the same league as Navi from Ocarina of Time and Natalya from GoldenEye 007. Even modern examples, like Chadley from FF7 Rebirth and the pawns from Dragon’s Dogma 2, can’t hold a candle to the lady who stops you from getting a Gengar.

Still, this level of infamy is a good thing, as it elevates Mindy in the minds of fans, much like Whitney did in Pokemon Gold & Silver. Gen 2 fans will always remember Whitney’s monstrous Miltank in much the same way they remember being fooled by Mindy.

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