Pokemon Diamond & Pearl player accidentally uses Master Ball on worst Pokemon possible

Brent Koepp. Last updated: Dec 12, 2021
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl protagonist next to Master Ball
ILCA / The Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl player’s attempt to catch a Shiny ‘mon backfired when they accidentally used their Master Ball on another Pokemon instead.

Ever since Shiny Pokemon were introduced in 1998’s Gold & Silver, players have spent countless hours every generation trying to find Shinies of their favorite characters.

One fan’s attempt to catch the insanely rare variant in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl backfired when they accidentally used their highly-coveted Master Ball at the worst timing ever.

throwing a master ball in pokemon bdsp
The Pokemon Company / ILCA
One Pokemon BDSP player wasted their Master Ball by mistake.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl player wastes Master Ball

In Pokemon BDSP, players are able to unlock the Poke Radar after beating the story. The post-game item allows users to “chain” Pokemon by catching the same character over and over which then increases the odds of a Shiny spawning.

Streamer King Aurelius Gaming was playing the Sinnoh remakes live on YouTube and was in the middle of one of these lengthy chains when their hunt for a Shiny ‘mon backfired spectacularly. The unlucky Trainer was about to throw a Poke Ball but his cursor moved right at the last second and selected a Master Ball instead.

“Are you serious?” the streamer exclaimed in disbelief as the rare item was used by accident. “I’m on my last straw with this goddamn…I’m going to go insane with this controller,” he said, before breaking into laughter.

Adding salt to the wound, his chain eventually ended up breaking before he could get a Shiny. “The chain ended up finishing anyway. I was saying that statistically, the chain will end before I get a Shiny,” King Aurelius said in an update.

A regular variant is hardly worth a Master Ball. While BDSP players can technically reset their saves, it can still result in hours of lost time if they are in the middle of a long Poke Radar chain.