Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl glitch gives players unlimited Master Balls

master balls in pokemon bdspThe Pokemon Company / ILCA

A new cloning glitch in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is letting Trainers duplicate not only Pokemon, but their Held Items as well – including Master Balls and Rare Candy.

In mid-November, a BDSP player found an exploit that allowed for the cloning of a singular ‘mon by using the Battle Box system. Now, a new duplication glitch has been discovered and it’s similar to the previous one, except you can do 32 at once. Yeah, you read that right.

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Not only does that mean that Legendary Pokemon are being duped in droves Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, but fans are also using it to clone rare items like the Master Ball on a massive scale.

master balls in pokemon bdspThe Pokemon Company / ILCA
The glitch can get you multiple items you could previously only obtain a small amount of.

Huge Pokemon BDSP clone glitch gives Trainers unlimited items

YouTuber PanFro Games showed the glitch in a YouTube video, and it’s surprisingly easy to pull off, meaning you can get multiple Pokemon and stacks of rare items in no time.

Obviously, to be able to duplicate an item, you need to have one in the first place. Check out our Rare Candy and Master Ball locations guides.

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  1. Put the Pokemon you want to clone in a Box, making sure you have a second Box that is completely empty.
  2. If you’re duplicating an item, make sure you give it to a ‘mon in that first Box to hold.
  3. Back out into your Party screen and check the summary of a Pokemon in your team. Press ZL, ZR, and A together until a glitch happens that shows the main menu.
  4. Go back into the Box you’re cloning and press X, then B, then X, then B until you’re in the Battle Box.
  5. Press X and then click into the Pokemon menu and then R to go into the Box again.
  6. Click on Box List and then swap the Box you want to clone with the empty one. You can do this quickly by pressing Y on both Boxes.
  7. Head back to your initial Box screen by pressing B three times.
  8. Check the summary of a Pokemon and then back out. Your Box, and any Held Items, should be cloned.
  9. Rinse and repeat if you’re after multiple items – you’ll soon rack up a decent stack.

Cloning isn’t the only glitch that’s present in the Sinnoh remakes, either. Trainers have been able to access the locked Shaymin event to catch the Mythical ‘mon early by using an exploit.

The Pokemon Company and ILCA are expected to release an update soon that fixes these bugs so if you’re wanting to use them, act fast and at your own risk.