Pokemon custom rule set gives an easy alternative to Nuzlocke challenge

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A Pokemon fan shared their own custom rule set, which provided unique playthrough rules while also being far less difficult than the popularized Nuzlocke challenge.

With its formulaic, turn-based combat and structure, Pokemon games might not always offer a reason for a second playthrough.

As a result, members of the Pokemon community have developed challenges to increase the difficulty, such as the Nuzlocke challenge which forces to catch the first Pokemon they run into in an area, and discarding fainted Pokemon.

But for those who think the Nuzlocke challenge is a bit too tough, a Reddit user introduced an alternative rule set, which provides a less intense, but still challenging, playthrough.

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Redditor provides alternative to Pokemon Nuzlocke challenge

Redditor TheAssumingMage created their playthrough rules, dubbed PokeCoach, as an alternative to the Nuzlocke. This playthrough is far more lenient than the Nuzlocke Challenge, while also promoting team building variation.

Unlike Nuzlocke, which punishes players and drastically limits Pokemon choice, this play through prioritizes exploring more Pokemon team options – a gameplay element most players often choose to ignore during their base playthroughs.

Other Pokemon fans praise the creator of the rules.

“I really like this. It also allows you to try out soooo many different Pokemon,” one redditor commented, commending the diversity promoted in the PokeCoach playthrough.

Another user complimented the idea, “this sounds fun. I’ve been doing a lot of replays recently and while a few old favourites always make the team, I’ve been trying to use lines I haven’t trained before as much as possible too.”

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This new playthrough rule is a great way to play through older games for trainers waiting on Scarlet and Violet to release.