Pokemon card collectors freaking out over insane 24K Gold Charizard credit card

David Purcell

If you could build a Pokemon card collector’s perfect credit card from the ground up, it would look like this option from StripeSmith.

Charizard is one of the original 151 Pokemon of the Gen 1 Kanto region, making it a household name around the world, and a regular in headlines for the most expensive cards ever sold.

Some of its variations are among the rarest in the entire Trading Card Game. Its 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set, for example, sold in March 2022 for an astonishing $420,000. As each set rolls out, such as the Lost Origin expansion, there is more and more for trainers to add to their collection.

But, for many, it’s not all about the officially printed versions. Some of the most creative designs are fan-made or custom-produced.

Pokemon fans are loving this custom Charizard credit card

On September 12, an Instagram account called Rich Kids of London revealed a customized credit card piece from StripeSmith, constructed with 24K Gold for everyday use.

It looks just like the Pokemon cards fans can pull from packs, with a laser print of the fire-type Pokemon. The difference is that you can take this to a store, a restaurant, or anywhere else – and use it as a credit card.

The product comes in a black box along with a certificate of authenticity. Its credit card chip is located right above Charizard’s wings, meaning it doesn’t actually get in the way of the design.

golden charizard card
As you can see, the golden Charizard card takes inspiration from the original.

Gold Charizard card value

Based on website listings, it appears that this custom Gold metal card will set fans back $189.

One Pokemon card collector said in the comments that it was “next level.” Another said: “I want to add this to my collection!”

Another joked about how it would be funny to spend all their money on this. Then, when somebody realizes they have no cash in the bank to pay for something, they would pay by handing over the card instead.

You just have to hope there are no water-type credit cards out there.

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