Pokemon Ash Ketchum voice actor reveals most bizarre fan encounter ever

Brent Koepp. Last updated: Apr 28, 2021
Pokemon Ash Ketchum voice actor Sarah Natochenny next to Ash Ketchum anime screenshot
YouTube: Vanity Fair / The Pokemon Company

Sarah Natochenny, the voice actor for Pokemon’s Ash Ketchum, revealed the most bizarre encounter she’s had with a fan in an interview with YouTuber Anthony Padilla. 

For decades, Pokemon fans around the world have been familiar with the voice of Sarah Natochenny as she took over the role of Ash Ketchum in 2006. The actress has played the iconic protagonist for countless seasons – including the most recent Journeys.

In an April interview with former Smosh creator Anthony Padilla, the 33-year old detailed her strangest interaction she’s ever had with a viewer. The star revealed a rather bizarre request one fan asked of her.

Ash Ketchum voice actor Sarah Natochenny Pokemon Vanity Fair
YouTube: Vanity Fair / Sarah Natochenny / The Pokemon Company
The voice of Ash Ketchum opened up about her experience with fans.

Pokemon Ash Ketchum VA details bizarre fan encounter

In a sit down discussion with Padilla, the veteran Pokemon actor was asked about a variety of subjects pertaining to her career playing iconic anime characters. However, things got strange when the former Smosh creator told her to list the “most bizarre fan experience” she has had so far.

“I signed… a behind,” Natochenny slowly replied. The YouTube host then asked her to clarify and said, “You saw… The crevasse?” hilariously using the term to describe the fan’s backside. “The crevasse, I saw the cheeks. Both,” she exclaimed. Perplexed, Padilla followed up and said, “How did that discussion go before you agreed to do this?”

The Ash Ketchum voice actor then explained, “He asked if I could sign his a** and I said yeah. That is what I’m here for!” breaking into laughter. She jokingly added, “Are you kidding? I charged him double!”

(Topic starts at 14:11)

The former actor asked her if people recognize her more from her voice than face. “It’s a different voice. It’s not me. I don’t walk around screaming the voice of Ash all over the place. I don’t need that attention. It’s mayhem,” she said. Padilla hilariously concluded the segment by joking, “You would be getting a lot more cheeks to sign.”

Not all of Natochenny’s fan reactions are this bizarre. According to the voice actress, the best part of her job are her fans specifically. She also revealed that she often gets letters from viewers around the world, thanking her for helping them learn English.

The 33-year old actress can be seen in the Pokemon anime’s latest series, Journeys, which can be watched right now on Netflix. The popular streaming service has all four parts which chronicle Ash Ketchum’s journey across all eight regions.