Pokemon community discovers creepy easter egg in Twilight Wings anime

Brent Koepp

[jwplayer dWIP3S6z]The Pokemon community was shook after viewers spotted a depressing easter egg in the Sword & Shield spin-off anime Twilight Wings. The tragic discovery put a horrifying new spin on the July 2 episode.

Pokemon players were introduced to the Galar region for the very first time in the eighth generation title Sword & Shield. To celebrate the series’ latest era, an anime spin-off series titled Twilight Wings was produced for YouTube.

However during its latest episode, things quickly took a dark turn after viewers made a discovery that is seen to be completely tragic. The spooky easter egg will make you reach for your Pikachu plush and hug it tight.

The latest episode of the Twilight Wings anime features Ghost-type Gym Leader Allister.

Tragic easter egg in Pokemon Twilight Wings

The Sword & Shield spin-off series first debuted on YouTube in January. Every month, fans get a new look at the Galar region in a mini animated short. The sixth episode, Moonlight, heavily featured Shield-exclusive Gym Leader Allister.

Much of the plot revolves around Tommy, who wants to apologize to his friend John who is stuck in the hospital. After a run-in with the Ghost-type Trainer, the two fly back to the hospital so that he can make up with his friend.

Keen-eyed fan ‘hebibebi’ spotted a disturbing easter egg in the episode which they shared on Twitter. The user noticed the Gen V character Lampent was hovering around the hospital. According to the monster’s fifth generation Pokedex entry, it “hangs around hospitals waiting for people to pass on.”

Many viewers were floored by the discovery, and it quickly went viral with over 21.6k likes at the time of writing. While the Pokemon’s presence is enough to give anyone chills, it should be stated that it’s probably not there for John, but other patients in the medical institution. Still, pretty creepy stuff.

Despite only releasing in November 2019, Sword & Shield is already on track to becoming the third best-selling release in the entire franchise. The Gen VIII title’s sales are proof that players around the world still can’t get enough of the Nintendo series.

Fans of the game have a lot to look forward to this year, as its second major DLC, The Crown Tundra, drops sometime in the Fall.

Those also looking to learn more about the Galar region can catch episodes of Twilight Wings for free on the Official Pokemon YouTube channel.