Why Pokemon fans don’t want Ash to win in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys

Laura Gray
Ash Vs Leon Pokemon Journeys Anime

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys has pit Ash Ketchum against some of the most powerful Champions and trainers in the franchise, but some fans are worried what might happen if he wins the World Coronation Series Tournament.

The third season of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys is currently airing in Japan, with Ash set to face iconic Champions like Cynthia and Leon as he battles to the top of the World Coronation Series Tournament.

Ash has been the main protagonist of the Pokemon anime for over two decades, training and battling his way through each of the eight regions that currently make up the franchise. Despite many wins and losses, the determined trainer still hasn’t reached his ultimate dream – becoming a Pokemon Master.

However, the World Coronation Series Tournament could be his big break to truly become the very best, and many Pokemon fans wonder what that will mean for the fate of the series.

Will Ash continue to be the Pokemon Anime’s main character?

Many have speculated the plucky 10-year-old’s story could be coming to a close with the storyline of Pokemon Journeys. In the series, fans have revisited his past stomping grounds, seen the return of iconic companion characters, and watched him focus on victory bigger than a regional Championship.

However, as xAuraZora has pointed out on Twitter, Ash winning the World Coronation tournament could be a bad thing for the anime.

The Pokemon fan states, “Pokemon Journeys has also now dug Ash into a [hole] of no return. Let’s say Ash defeats Leon. Ash is now world champion there’s is no way he can lose in the scarlet and violet anime or any other anime and still feel like Ash may have to lose sometimes but now he CANT ever”, putting the situation into perspective with brutal clarity.


If Ash is allowed the victory he has worked so hard for, it is very likely his time as the Pokemon anime lead protagonist will come to a close. An anime that follows the young man from Pallett protecting his title wouldn’t likely be very exciting for fans of the series, taking the stakes out of his journey.

However, Ash losing to Leon would be just as emotionally devastating, as the defeat would imply he would have to take on the same World Coronation Series Tournament again at some point in the future to become the best in the world.

While the Pokemon anime has no issue making Ash lose, with only two regional Championship wins under his belt, the outcome of the upcoming matches in the anime could define the future of the series as a whole.

Though fans would likely love to see a new trainer in the driver’s seat of the Pokemon anime, saying goodbye to Ash Ketchum would likely be the end of an era for many viewers.