Pokemon anime fans mourn unanswered questions after Ash’s final episode

Ash and Goh crying in Pokemon animePokemon Journeys

Longtime fans of the Pokemon anime still have burning questions after the close of Ash and Pikachu’s 25-year journey. Many plot points have been left unanswered regarding the well-loved, quirky protagonist.

Ash and Pikachu’s adventures first began in April 1997. Throughout the course of 25 seasons, the anime closely followed the dynamic duo’s travels throughout multiple regions.

After winning the World Championship, the anime gave Ash a sendoff with the special series “Aim to be a Pokemon Master”. The final arc included past character favorites like Misty and Brock while saying goodbye to Ash’s many Pokemon partners from across the different seasons.

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However, despite being on the air for 25 years, many viewers are left with unanswered questions about whether Ash’s journey was successful.

Pokemon fans still don’t know the identity of Ash’s father

Ash and Pikachu in the Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company

On the Pokemon subreddit, user ALVARO39YT posted a short clip featuring the final scene between Ash and Pikachu. The video shows the two protagonists walking to a forked road with Team Rocket lurking behind them. A track from the Kanto anime played in the background.

In the comment section, fans praised the show for getting Team Rocket back together after their feud in episode nine but wished the anime touched on a few essential plot points more.

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Since the anime began, many viewers have formed theories about the identity of Ash’s father. The guesses ranged from Professor Oak to Team Rocket Boss Giovanni. However, The Pokemon Company has never revealed Ash’s father and only included Ash’s mother Delia.

Additionally, users wondered about the contents of the GS Ball Ash received in the Adventures in the Orange Islands arc, among many other unfinished storylines.

Pokemon anime fan neiromaru speculated, “Clearly, Ho-oh has been stuck inside the GS ball this whole time.”

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Fans also expressed disappointment about the quality of Ash and Pikachu’s final episode.

LilliePipp said, “It doesn’t really offer any sense of finality, it feels very much like the safe choice so that they can just go back to Ash if people don’t like the new series, and that’s a little boring to me.”

Despite the conclusion of Ash and Pikachu’s story arc, it seems many Pokemon anime fans hope the two best friends will return in future seasons or movies.

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