Ash Ketchum’s voice actress in tears at SDCC for final Pokemon Ultimate Journeys trailer

Dylan Horetski
Sarah Natochenny Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum’s voice actress, Sarah Natochenny, was in tears at San Diego Comic-Con during a panel showing of the trailer for the final Ultimate Journeys trailer, which marks the end of the star’s journey.

Back in December 2022, it was confirmed that Ash Ketchum and his partner Pikachu will no longer be the main characters in the popular monster-catching anime.

The 11-episode farewell to Ash & Pikachu is making its way to Netflix on September 8, 2023, and a trailer for the emotional conclusion has been released.

Ash’s voice actress, Sarah Natochenny, attended a showing of the trailer at San Diego Comic-Con and uploaded a video of herself in tears on TikTok.

Ash Ketchum voice actress in tears at San Diego Comic-Con

Uploaded on July 20, 2023, Sarah’s video shows parts of the trailer for the upcoming episodes, as well as her reaction to it afterward.

“I attended the Pokémon panel at Comic-Con and ugly cried during the trailer for the final episodes of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys, dropping on Netflix on September 8th, my Pokemon anniversary of my first episode airing,” she said in the caption.

“It was absolutely magical sharing this with our fans in the audience. Thank you all for your love and appreciation. I send it back in equal measure and look forward to a bright future.”

As the video went viral, amassing over one million views since it was uploaded, fans shared love and support for Sarah in the comments.

“Thank you for making my childhood great, and allowing me to share you with my daughter who also loves Pokemon,” one user replied.

Another commented: “Thank you for being the voice of so many generations!”

It’s unknown whether or not Sarah and Ash will occasionally appear throughout the next few seasons, but many long-time Pokemon fans are curious about what will happen with the anime’s future.

For Pokemon Horizons, however, people are speculating a new addition to Roy’s infamous team.