Pokemon anime theory explains why Ash Ketchum finally won World Championship

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Pokemon anime fans have come up with a theory as to how Ash Ketchum managed to win the World Championship trophy.

The road to the World Championship was a long one for beloved Pokemon protagonist Ash Ketchum. He accomplished the feat in episode 132 of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys and finally became the very best Trainer in the world.

Ash’s historic 25-year run as the anime series lead is coming to an end, though. Both Ash and Pikachu will bid farewell to the limelight when the Pokemon Aim To Be A Pokemon Master miniseries concludes in March.

But how was the perpetual 10-year-old finally able to achieve his wildest dreams and become the ultimate Pokemon master? One fan has a theory.

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Pokemon theory posits how Ash Ketchum won the Championship

According to a Redditor who goes by 1ncineroar says there’s one simple explanation for Ash’s sudden winning streak. The character “started winning because he had his exp share on,” the user joked.

In the simplest sense, EXP Share in the games usually serves as an item that Pokemon can hold to share their experience points with others in a user’s party. The Redditor’s fun theory suggests Ash would’ve made good use of the item as often as possible.

Of course, other longtime fans in the Reddit thread have ideas of their own. One person joked that Ash Ketchum’s victory in the Pokemon anime stemmed from the character finally ditching pants and wearing shorts from Sun and Moon onward.

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Someone else agreed with this sentiment, noting that a characters in Pokemon Advanced firmly believed that all Trainers should wear shorts. “Turns out… Crazy Guy dictated the future lol,” the Redditor said.

Meanwhile, another Pokemon fan argued that training fewer monsters paved Ash’s way to the World Championship. Whatever the case, Pokemon faithful were pleased to see Ash bring hom the trophy.