Official Pokemon Go TikTok suggests trainers want to be intimate with Pokemon

Dylan Horetski

The Official Pokemon Go TikTok account has trainers around the world feeling a special kind of way about the popular Alolan Ultra Beast: Pheramosa.

Pokemon Sun & Moon may be considered the most popular Pokemon games released for the Nintendo 3DS, even with their infamous way of replacing gyms for island challenges.

The Gen 7 games also introduced Ultra Beasts, a special group of extra-dimensional Pokemon appearing in Ultra Wormholes around Alola, Gen 7’s region.

A TikTok video uploaded by the official Pokemon Go account suggests that the Ultra Beasts may be the reason trainers feel a special kind of way about the games.

Trainers may want to be intimate with Pokemon

Uploaded on August 28 on the Pokemon Go TikTok account, it shows a man sitting in a messy living room before transitioning into cleaning it.

“When I have the apartment to myself for the weekend, versus when Pheramosa shows up,” reads the text overlayed on the screen.

The video’s caption reads: “Sources say that Pheromosa refuses to touch anything, perhaps because it senses some uncleanness in this world.”

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Users quickly flooded the comments of the video with their thoughts.

One user said: “He’s just like me FR.”

“She’s so fine,” another commented.

Trainers made sure to also compliment the social media manager running the account: “LMAO y’all got a new social media person and they’re good.”

Many of the Ultra Beasts made their debut in Pokemon Go during the Go Fest 2022 Finale event. To check out who has been released so far, head over here.