New Pokemon TCG Champion’s Path expansion adds stunning Charizard V card

Brent Koepp
pokemon champions path

[jwplayer dWIP3S6z]The Pokemon Company revealed the new Champion’s Path expansion on July 23. The upcoming TCG set is based on Sword & Shield’s Gym Leaders, and will also reportedly include a fiery Charizard V Card that collectors won’t want to miss.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game just got a little bigger, as it’s getting another expansion pass in September. The new set titled ‘Champion’s Path’ will finally bring Sword & Shield’s popular Gym Leaders to the TCG.

Unlike other sets, the new booster packs will not be sold separately and can only be bought in box sets which will include promos. The latest series is reportedly giving collectors the chance to secure a brand new Charizard V card.

pokemon champion's path marnie box
The Champion’s Path expansion hits stores in September.

Pokemon TCG gets new Charizard card

The TCG is getting expanded in a massive way on September 25, as according to The Pokemon Company, Champion’s Path will include “15 awesome Pokemon V and 3 gigantic Pokemon VMAX and 19 Trainer cards.”

Outlet ‘PokeGuardian‘ reports that the expansion will also be getting an Elite Trainer Box which will include a new full art V Charizard card. The new limited set item will cost $49.99 at most retail outlets.

According to the publication, the box will include 10 booster packs, the full art Charizard V promo, and 65 card sleeves which will feature the Fire-type’s epic Gigantamax form.

pokemon champion's path elite trainer box with charizard v card
The new set will give players a chance to get a new Charizard V card.

Champion’s Path will also include Pin Collection boxes based on each Gym Leader in Sword & Shield and will retail for $14.99. On top of including three booster packs, the sets will feature a collectible pin in the shape of the Gym’s badge.

Since the Gen VIII game had exclusive Leaders to each version, a collector’s box based on the city Stow-On-Side will sell for $24.99. The set will include five booster packs, and have two sets of pins for both Trainers.

pokemon champion's path circhester and stow-on-side boxes
The new set will include Sword & Shield Gym Leader boxes.

Popular Pokemon outlet ‘Serebii’ uploaded more photos of the Gym-based boxes to Twitter. The tweet features sets for Motostoke, Turfield, and Hulbury.

The new expansion pass will hit stores in September, and will give players a wealth of different options to choose from. Whether you go for the Gym set, or the collector’s Marnie box, fans will have various ways to score new cards.

The Elite Trainer box will no doubt be a hot commodity, as it will feature the new Charizard V Card. Those wanting to buy booster packs individually are out luck, as currently there is no plans to sell them separately.