MINI Aceman Pokemon Concept Car Appears At Gamescom

Laura Gray
Mini Aceman Pikachu Concept Car At Gamescom

The MINI Aceman Pikachu concept car will be at Gamescom, giving gamers a chance to see the fully electric car in person.

The Pokemon game franchise has combined with many different companies for collaborations over the years. From RockLove jewelry to the Wand Company Poke Ball replicas, fans can show their love of the series in plenty of different ways.

However, a collaboration between the MINI car developer and The Pokemon Company could take combinations to the next level with the recently revealed MINI Aceman concept car.

Fans can see the Pokemon MINI at Gamescom

MINI is the official sponsor of Gamescom 2022, which is taking place in Cologne, Germany. While visiting the venue, Pokemon and car fans alike will be able to spot a particularly unique concept vehicle, which combines Pikachu with the adorable and quirky MINI Aceman.

In the reveal, which can be found on IGN, details were given about the collaboration. The Pikachu-themed MINI Aceman is fully electric, just like its Pokemon Mascot. Drivers can hook their gaming console up directly to the car, creating a combination of gaming space and driving experience.

When the car is powered on, the driver will be treated to a dashboard effect, before Pikachu pops out of a Poke Ball on the console navigation screen. It also appears there is a projector built into the car, allowing those driving to project movies or gaming video out from the car to act as a portable TV screen.

The mixture of a full gaming studio and the drivable car may seem like a stretch for many, as gaming is not often associated with driving, but the opportunity to sport a Pokemon-themed vehicle is likely too good to pass up for most hard-core fans.

While the car is only a concept at the moment, it is possible the MINI x Pokemon collaboration could create an official line of cars. Whether fans want to rock their electric energy with Pikachu, or roll off a car lot with a different Pokemon companion on their dashboard, the MINI Aceman project seems like just the right concept for gamers.

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