Mewtwo win rate forces Pokemon Unite devs into emergency update

Philip Trahan
pokemon unite mewtwo header

The Pokemon Unite dev team has told fans the game willreceivee an emergency balance update thanks to Mewtwo’s unusually high win rate following its inclusion to the roster.

The MOBA title Pokemon Unite is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary on July 21, 2023, and is offering players a bunch of rewards throughout the in-game festivities.

Perhaps the biggest reward is the addition of Mewtwo to the game’s roster. Interestingly, Mewtwo will eventually feature two different licenses — the first will unlock Mega Mewtwo X while the second will unlock Mega Mewtwo Y.

Unfortunately, it seems Generation 1’s Legendary Pokemon has lived up to its reputation, as the Pokemon Unite dev team has announced it will push out an emergency balance update thanks to Mewtwo’s high win rate.

Pokemon Unite getting emergency balance patch following Mewtwo’s inclusion

The news came by way of the Pokemon UNITE Twitter account, which tweeted out the following message: “We have confirmed that Mewtwo, which was implemented today, has a much higher win rate than expected. An emergency balance adjustment will be implemented July 21 (today) at roughly 9pm PT. We appreciate your patience.”

Thankfully, this means that Pokemon Unite players won’t have to wait too long before this balance patch goes into effect, as Mewtwo dominates the playing field.

A similar nerf occurred once Generation 8’s Legendary hound, Zacian, was included in the game — though Zacian’s nerf came much later than Mewtwo’s.

Alongside being a “Novice” difficulty-ranked Pokemon to play as, Mewtwo’s moveset is simply quite strong, especially so once it Mega Evolves. Mega Mewtwo X’s attacks even get a bit of extended range, meaning it can swoop in and take out opponents who think they’re a safe distance away.

Considering many fans still remember the ‘pay-to-win’ controversy that embroiled Pokemon Unite at launch, it’s good that the dev team was able to quickly address these concerns. Still, at the time of writing, it’s unclear what components of Mewtwo’s kit will be adjusted.

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