Zacian leaked in Pokemon Unite: Everything known so far

pokemon unite ZacianThe Pokemon Company

According to a reputable dataminer, Zacian is one supposedly in the works to release for Pokemon Unite. Here is everything currently known regarding the new character.

Zacian is the flagship Pokemon for Pokemon Sword. It’s a Fairy type Legendary, and marks the official debut of Legendary Pokemon releasing.

There have been plenty of pseudo legendaries, but Zacian is the very first flagship legendary — meaning this new Pokemon, such as Mewtwo and Lugia, are now in very realistic possibilities to join the game.

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Here is everything currently known about the new Pokemon Unite character Zacian, based on the early leaks.

Is there a release date for Zacian in Pokemon Unite?

As of now, only speculation can be made. After all, the Pokemon hasn’t officially revealed for the game, and has only revealed through data miner ElChicoEevee’s reveal. Considering there haven’t been many releases in January, Zacian is expected to debut around early or late March 2023 — after Comfey’s release.

Keep in mind this is purely speculation based on unofficial information.

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Pokemon Unite Zacian: Potential stats

Zacian is expected to be a Speedster in Pokemon Unite that deals attack damage. This is based on its base stats from the original mainline games, which indicate it has a high speed and attack stat. And since Pokemon Unite typically stays true to the mainline series, it’s highly likely Zacian will attack with speed and vigor.

As for its Moves, it’s still far too early to tell. But if anyone has the capability to find out, it’s ElChicoEevee.

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This page will be updated with more information is it reveals.