Lovecraftian Origin Forme Pokemon could be a perfect addition to Legends Z-A

Em Stonham
Palkia Pokemon with underwater background.

The next addition to the Pokemon world is the upcoming Legends Z-A title and it’s had fans speculating about featured Pokemon, Mega Evolutions, and alternate forms ever since its announcement.

It’s set to be an exciting game – but we don’t know much about it yet. Mega Evolutions have been confirmed for the title, though. This means we should see a handful of new Pokemon variants joining the already mighty line-up of Mega ‘mons.

Pokemon variants are a particularly beloved topic for Pocket Monster fan artists – and one talented creator named BlazetheAcceleron astounded the community recently with their Legends-inspired take on Origin Forme Dialga and Palkia.

Using an assortment of intriguing reference points like Lovecraftian horror and the Spiderverse, the original artist showcased their otherworldly designs in a Reddit post. Other Pokemon fans were entranced by the artwork, offering their thoughts in the comments.

One excited viewer praised the artist’s unique vision, saying, “Cthulhu makes so much sense as an inspiration for Palkia. A being who’s geometry is so complex, a human could never comprehend it even when face to face…just makes sense.”

Others were inclined to agree with the praise, with one person complimenting the artist by saying, “These are the coolest designs I have ever seen, holy Arceus.”

Some even felt inspired by the original reference points and clever design notes, with one person declaring, “I completely f**k with this! Dialga with the spider-webs to glimpse into different timelines and futures. [Palkia] with the tentacles to control the depths and all aspects of space.”

A few people were freaked out by the artwork, though, with one unsettled viewer noting, “Thanks I hate it”. Others chimed in with their own suggestions on how to improve, with a notable suggestion being to make Dialga “less meaty”.

This celestial duo of horrific designs offers a completely new take on the iconic Legendary duo and shows that fans are clearly receptive to a complete aesthetic overhaul for recognizable ‘mons.

It’s safe to say that we’ll see several new Pokemon forms in Pokemon Legends Z-A – mainly due to the return of Mega Evolutions – and it could be incredible to see something intricate and off-putting like these Eldritch designs.

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