LAPD finally release footage of cops ignoring robbery to play Pokemon Go

Jessica Filby
Pokemon Go LAPD

Back in 2017, two LAPD officers were caught and promptly fired for leaving their patrol and ignoring a robbery to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Now, the footage has finally been released.

Many Pokemon Go fans will find it hard to deny the replayability of a game like Pokemon Go. Its large Pokedex, constant Research quests, and budding community means there’s always something to do. However, there’s a right and wrong time to enjoy this popular game, which two LAPD cops quickly found out.

In April 2017, two police officers were discovered ignoring a robbery in progress at a Macy’s store, where they were stationed less than 200 yards away. Thanks to their in-car recording systems, it was discovered that the reason they ignored the call for backup was because they were playing Pokemon Go. Now, that footage has finally been released, giving everyone a full view of the case.

Footage of LAPD officers ignoring a robbery to play Pokemon Go is released

Pokemon Sleep Snorlax

The footage in question is a relatively long video, containing most of their patrol. However, at around 5:34:31 PM, the two officers begin discussing Pokemon Go, stating how “it’s nice to have more Pokeballs and have the potions.”

Shortly after, they received a call for assistance, in which one officer asked the other, “Should we ask to see if there is a message? Maybe they want us to go over there and help out.” To which the other replied, “It’s up to you senior.”

“Ahh, screw it,” said the cop and they maintained their position.

Not long after the call, the footage reveals the cops talking about finding a Snorlax and discussing where it seemed to be appearing. They then drove over to the location and attempted to catch it, all while an active robbery was taking place just by them.

Naturally, the cops were fired and their appeals were denied.

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