Thieves caught stealing 35,000 Pokemon cards in unreal heist footage

Michael Gwilliam
thieves steal 35,000 pokemon cards

A trio of robbery suspects are on the loose after being caught nabbing over 35,000 Pokemon cards in a must-see heist haul.

Pokemon card crimes have become increasingly common, with many stores and individual players being targeted by criminals.

The latest incident comes out of San Jose, California, where three thieves broke into Tofu’s Trading on January 24 and made off with a massive haul, snatching thousands of dollars worth of Pokemon TCG collectables.

Fortunately for the Team Rocket wannabees, the alarm didn’t go off because of faulty motion detectors, according to store manager Amy Simpson.

Thieves steal 35,000 Pokemon cards in wild video

In a post on Instagram, Tofu’s Trading uploaded security footage of the heist, edited to add humor to the situation with some comical sound effects.

The security cameras show the thieves down on their knees crawling around after entering the store before grabbing whatever was available, including cards and even the cash register.

“We saw like three people breaking in through our side door, which was kind of ridiculous, because there’s a fridge blocking it – so I don’t think it was a targeted attack at all,” Simpson told ABC. “I don’t think they were in for hobby necessarily, because they didn’t know what to take.”

The shop is urging other local businesses to be on alert in case their products show up with the stolen items including: 35,000 Pokemon cards, and hits, 1000 Weiss Schwarz Promos, XY Evolution Booster Boxes, 500 card sleeves, Square Register and Magic the Gathering Collector Boosters.

While the police did arrive, the thieves were quick and escaped before officers were on the scene.

This is hardly the first card store hit by thieves this year. Earlier, a Pokemon card collector was in tears after thieves stole his $200,000 collection. Additionally, Van Gogh Museum employees were suspended after they stole cards during the Pokemon Expo.

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