Pokemon Go players claim police were called on retired lady for “stealing” coins

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A woman has been reported to authorities for “harassment” after Pokemon Go players had been driving around their local area stealing all their coins and following people to their homes.

Pokemon has been well-known to have a dedicated fanbase, which is no different for players of their popular mobile game Pokemon Go, which launched in 2016.

Players have often voiced their complaints for various reasons, whether it be for in-game bugs, changes, or updates.

However, this time, some passionate fans in particular have had enough of one “old lady” player in their local area, who has been stealing all their in-game coins and has even been reported to authorities for “harassment.”

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Pokemon Go players reported an elderly woman to authorities

“She’s been reported and even had the police called on her for harassment,” The author of the post said, as they explained the reasons why for the bizarre situation.

“Some retired lady keeps taking over all the gyms in town and not allowing anyone else to get their coins for the day. She basically just drives around all day every day and immediately kicks others out,” They said.

“She was following people through town everywhere they went, including their homes. She would sit outside of their houses as well,” They added, as well as later stating it had been going on for about a year.

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As the post quickly gained traction, fellow Pokemon Go fans shared similar experiences as many offered a range of different solutions to the issue, some more serious than others.

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“This happened in my town and everyone just let them have every gym for weeks, they got the point when they got no coins”

“Keep kicking her out and make her spend her savings on gas money. You lose, but so does she.”

Alternatively, others believed it was a step too far to get the authorities involved in a Pokemon Go issue.

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“Imagine calling the police for this. Get a grip,” one said.

“You can let the police handle her following people if she really is. That’s a different issue. There’s nothing you can do about her taking gyms,” Another responded.

There has been no further update on the situation, at the time of writing.

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