Kid sells his Pokemon card collection to pay for puppy’s life-saving surgery

Pokemon fan Bryson Kliemann with his dog next to Pokemon card collectionFacebook: Bryson Kliemann / YouTube: YouTube: PokeMans Alex

An eight-year-old boy went viral online after he sold his Pokemon Trading Card Game items to save his sick puppy. The child was able to raise money for life-saving surgery using the Nintendo collectibles.

No one could have guessed in 1998 that the Pokemon TCG would explode in value one day. Players who invested in the hobby years ago have been able to sell the pieces of cardboard decades later to pay for college or even to purchase their dream car.

However, one child fan’s story tugged at the community’s heartstrings when they sold their Pokemon cards to pay for their dog’s surgery. The Virginia boy’s passion for the Nintendo series allowed him to save his best friend’s life.

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Pokemon fan Bryson Kliemann saves dogs lifeWCYB / Bryson Kliemann
The young Pokemon fan saved his dog’s life after selling TCG collectibles.

Child sells Pokemon cards to save puppy

Eight-year-old Bryson Kliemann was building up his Pokemon card collection when his puppy, Bruce, became sick. According to a report by ABC News, the dog was diagnosed with Parvovirus, and needed emergency surgery that cost $700. “It made me sad. Usually my brother and sister play together, and I have nobody to play with except [my dog],” the child explained.

When the West Virginia-based boy couldn’t afford to pay the bill, he decided to sell his TCG collectibles after hearing about their insane explosion in value in 2020. “I know everyone likes Pokemon cards so I just decided to sell them,” he said.

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Bryson created a sign and sold a handful of his Pokemon cards on the side of a road. However, after the image went viral online, fans rallied behind the boy and donated over $1.8k to a GoFundMe so he wouldn’t have to fully sell off his collection for the surgery.

With the money made off the TCG items and donations, the child was able to save Bruce, who received the surgery needed to bring him back to health.

“I was so happy because I wanted to get him back,” Kliemann exclaimed after finally being reunited with his dog who was saved due to Pokemon cards.

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H/T: ABC News