Target is no longer selling Pokemon cards amid scalper crisis

The Pokemon Company / Twitter: @switchstock

According to multiple reports, popular retailer Target will stop selling Pokemon cards. The decision comes months after the store faced a serious problem with Pokemon TCG scalpers.

On May 11, reports began to surface online claiming that North American retailer Target is getting out of the business of selling Pokemon cards – in their retail stores, at least. According to fans of the hobby, multiple stores have began to put up notices in their local shops.

The popular retail chain has had serious problems with scalpers causing chaos at stores, from physical altercations to some sellers even camping out in front of doors for weeks on end. It appears the company has finally had enough of it.

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Empty Target Shelves due to Pokemon Card demandReddit: cichilechi
Target has been struggling with scalpers for months.

Target to stop selling Pokemon cards

The news broke on social media platforms after fans began to report that their local Target stores had put up signs stating that the company would no longer be selling Pokemon cards.

TCG news account ‘PokemonTCGDrops’ first reported on the situation and tweeted: “If you haven’t seen already, theres a bunch of photos floating around that Target will no longer be selling Pokemon or Sports cards in store past Friday. I wanted to see if it was nationwide or per store first before I said anything but as of now it’s looking like it’s nationwide.”

After the tweet went out, card collectors across the US began to upload pictures as proof that in fact the national chain was going to stop carrying the Nintendo items as of May 14, 2021. Users also began reporting talking to their local store managers who allegedly confirmed the new policy.

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Why is Target not selling Pokemon cards?

Target have confirmed their stores will not be stocking Pokemon cards and other trading cards, until further notice.

This news comes after multiple incidents where TCG scalpers have caused issues in their stores. After one case, the company confirmed they would be calling police over scalpers.

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According to pictures of the Target signs being posted in stores, the company states: “To ensure the safety of our guests and team members, effective May 14th, MLB, NFL, NBA, and Pokemon Trading Cards will no longer be sold in stores until further notice.”

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Target signs stating that they will no longer be selling Pokemon CardsTwitter: @Sanchlinz
Reports began to show up online of Target signs stating they are no longer selling Pokemon cards.

Within the hour, a flood of these pictures from various states appeared online, seemingly confirming that this is in fact a nationwide decision. Each sign photographed also has the exact same wording. It is currently unclear whether this extends to sales on their website as well.

While shocking to an extent, Target’s decision shouldn’t be too surprising as the retailer had been struggling with scalpers for months. In February, they had restrict the sale of Pokemon collectibles to one day a week.

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At the time of writing, the company has yet to officially make a statement, but it seems that they have finally had enough of the insane demand surrounding the TCG in 2021.

What are scalpers?

Scalpers have targeted Pokemon cards as their prices have been skyrocketing, buying up packs as soon as stores restock them.

This has led to Pokemon card pack shortages, and in some stores, confrontations. Their aim is to resell the in-demand products at a later stage for a higher price, due to a shortage. Some of these packs, depending on their rarity, can sell for around double online.

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