Hilarious Pokemon Unite bug has completely broken Blissey already

. 11 months ago
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Blissey is the latest ‘mon to join Pokemon Unite’s ever-growing roster, but it seems the Normal-type is already causing problems for trainers. 

Pokemon Unite isn’t exactly the first game you think of when it comes to game-breaking bugs, but that doesn’t mean the free-to-play MOBA is safe from them either. In fact, the recent arrival of Blissey has quickly changed this. Blissey is a Supporter class Pokemon that provides great amounts of crowd control and life-saving heals, giving her team an edge in particularly tough battles. 

Because of this, the Normal-type Pokemon has quickly become a popular pick for those looking to aid their team. Despite Blissey’s overall versatility, many trainers have discovered a hilarious bug that makes scoring points with the pink Pokemon completely impossible. 

Pokemon Unite Blissey bug

Pokemon Unite Blissey bug
The Pokemon Company
You may want to stop playing Blissey until this bug is fixed.

Just like most MOBAs, Pokemon Unite enables players to stun, displace, and unleash devastating ultimates that KO enemy players. However, a recent bug involving Charizard’s Unite move and Blissey has quickly led to some hilarious encounters. 

“Charizard used his Unite move on me as Blissey and I played the rest of the game upside down as feet sticking out of the ground,” said one Reddit user. Under ordinary circumstances, Flare Blitz sees Charizard tear through the skies towards its foe, picking them up and then throwing them into the ground. 

While this move usually sees the opposing Pokemon taking huge amounts of damage, the interaction with Blissey is very different. Despite being stuck underground, the player noted that they “could still do everything fine except when scoring the screen would go black.”

This puts Blissey’s team at a significant disadvantage, especially if the user had the points needed to claim a victory. Hopefully, TiMi Studios can deliver a quick fix before this game-breaking Blissey bug ruins more matches. 

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