Hawlucha becomes mascot of 7-Eleven gas stations during Pokemon Go Rising Heroes event

Philip Trahan
pokemon go hawlucha seven 11 header

Pokemon Go’s newly introduced Hawlucha has recently become the unofficial mascot of 7-Eleven gas stations in Mexico during the Rising Heroes season.

Pokemon Go has introduced a variety of region-exclusive Pokemon over the course of the game’s life, including Farfetch’d, Klefki, and Relicanth.

Recently, the Latin American Pokemon Go Twitter account revealed that Hawlucha would be making its Pokemon Go debut as an exclusive wild encounter in Mexico.

With players in Mexico eagerly searching for the Wrestling Pokemon, some have started calling it the mascot of Mexican 7-Eleven gas stations as the monster has appeared at various affiliated PokeStops.

Hawlucha becomes Mexican 7-Eleven mascot in Pokemon Go

Following Hawlucha’s release in Pokemon Go, fans started to spot the Pokemon posing in various 7-Eleven PokeStop images, as shown in a post on TheSilphRoad subreddit.

One trainer asked if sponsored PokeStops were implemented in the game, and other members of the community explained that it’s not too uncommon.

“Starbucks and Circle K are the most common, but other counties have 7-Eleven or mobile phone stores. Sprint and Verizon used to have them back in the day as well.” Thanks to 7-Eleven adopting Hawlucha into their images, some dubbed the Fighting/Flying-type the “new mascot” of the gas station chain.

A Twitter account called PokemonGoTraveler also confirmed the news and shared a screenshot from a 7-Eleven in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon showed the same image of Hawlucha waving above the gas station’s logo.

Unfortunately for those outside of Mexico, it’s still unclear when Hawlucha may be included in a future event for easier access. For now, it seems the best way to get a Hawlucha is to rely on other trainers who’ve been to Mexico and trade for Hawlucha that way.

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