First Pokemon anime trailer reveals new characters, plot details & more

Philip Trahan
new pokemon anime art header

The next Pokemon anime got its first teaser trailer which revealed new characters, early plot details, and the Japanese voices for the new protagonists.

Ash’s last stint in the Pokemon anime through the ‘Aim to be a Pokemon Master’ miniseries is nearing its end and The Pokemon Company is gearing up for the new adventure that comes next.

While the next Pokemon anime series has yet to be given an official name, fans recently learned the names of the two protagonists, now confirmed to be called Liko and Roy.

Now, The Pokemon Company has released the first official teaser trailer for the anime, which showed off new characters, several Japanese voice actors, and a first look at the show in motion.

New Pokemon anime gets teaser trailer

The official Pokemon YouTube channel released the 50-second English subtitled teaser, which gave new details about the upcoming anime.

First, fans got official confirmation that the English names for the two new protagonists are in fact Liko and Roy. Additionally, the trailer teased that Liko wears a special pendant that holds some significance to her and her Pokemon Journey.

Roy, on the other hand, carries a mysterious Poke Ball with an ornate black and gold design. From his brief speaking lines in the trailer, it seems Roy has an interest in battling strong Legendary Pokemon.

Next, the teaser gave a better look at Captain Pikachu and Friede, who is actually a Pokemon Professor. Next, we see Liko in an academy setting with a new friend and a Sprigatito for her partner.

While the Paldean starter Pokemon are featured in the artwork of the series, the uniform Liko is wearing doesn’t resemble those worn by the protagonists in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet games, which suggests this is an entirely separate academy.

Finally, the trailer showed off a mysterious new character with two-tone hair wearing a suit. While fans didn’t get any concrete details about this character, it seems they use a Ceruledge as their partner Pokemon. The duo also appears behind the two new protagonists in the official artwork.

Fans looking forward to the start of the new anime won’t have to wait long, as it’s set to debut in Japan through an hour-long special on April 14, 2023.